Ecole de Kitesurf

Kite lessons for beginners to expert riders

Assistance & Safety for independant riders


Spot: safe and easy for all levels, with large area where you can stand in water

Instructors:  IKO qualified professional instructors

Pedagogy: IKO,

Group lessons 4 students maxi per instructor

All inclusive programs: Gear & accessories + IKO Certification and card

Equipment: designed specifically for schools



Lessons:  everyday from 10H to 13H and 13H to 17H 

All year long!


Kite lessons programs:

All levels: unique 3H session with tailored program 

Beginners:  Discovery program 6H, Autonomy program 12H , or Intensive Program (see below)

Intermediates to Experts: Evolution program 6H, 12H or 24H with specific program (see below)



Discovery Training Course (6h)


·         Powerkite Initiation  

·         4-lignes Kite :

·         Safety procedures

·         4-lignes kite and bar setup 

·         Launching and landing

·         Self-rescue

·         Water relaunch

·         Powerzone

·         Body drag

·         Water-start theory




Autonomy Training Course (12h) 



 All steps from the  Discovery Training Course (6h)   


(see above)


+ Autonomy learning (6h)  


.        Practice of waterstart   

·        First rides

.        Use of power adjustment trim 

·        Kite settings and choice of equipment

·        Speed and trajectory control

.        Going and coming back while riding



Intensive Training Course (24h) 


 All steps from  Autonomy learning


+ specific program according to level reached:


  • upwind riding,
  • turns,
  • switch stance,
  • jumps,
  • rotations





Evolution Training Course (6 ,12h or 24h)

·                                 All steps from the Autonomy Program


·                                 Evolution Training Program

and  specific program

·         Upwind riding

  •     Turns

·          Switch stance

·         1st jumps


Specific program above that level !!!


Prices (all inclusive)

Semi lessons

( 4 maxi !)

Private lessons

(1 to 1) 

 3h120 Euros270€
 6h240 Euros540€
480 Euros
 24h960 Euros2160€




Safety and Assistance for independant riders:

Independant riders are welcome on our spot. They can take advantage of our safety boat being on the spot with professionnal skippers trained for helping kitesurfers,  every windy day from 10H to 17H when lessons are given.


A fee of 20€ will be asked for each rescue intervention, unless you prefer to choose a package.


We propose a half day package of 10€, and day package of 20€ whatever the number of rescue intervention (within reasonable quantity), a week package of 80€, and 140€ for 2 weeks