Kitesurf Paradise Prices

Prices for Kite Lessons, Downwinders, Safety Packages, Stand Up Paddle

Available everyday, all year long! 


Prices for kitesurfing lessons all levels:

(Details see "Kitesurf" section)

All inclusive pricesGroup lessons 4 maxi 
Private lesson 1 to 1
3h unique session120 €270 €
6h program240 €540 €
12h program480 €1080 €
24h program960 €2160 €



Prices for rental:

 For autonomous riders only, ask us!



Prices for Kite Downwinders


see www.kite-trip.com


Prices for Safety:


(see "Kitesurf" section)

- Boat Intervention without package: 20€ / intervention

- Day safety Package : 10€ / day

- Week safety Package: 50€ / week

- Safety Package for 2 weeks: 80€ / 2 weeks


Prices for Kite + Stand Up Paddle package:

     [Kite Discovery program 6h]

 + [SUP Short trip 2h Bras d'Eau + SUP Half day trip 3h + 2h SUP Wavesurfing]

  = 370€

Stand up paddle with supervision:

All year long, from 10h to 17h depending on weather

 (Details see "stand up paddle" section)


 Durée Prix
 Initiation and easy trip
 "SUP Initiation" 2H 40 €
 Wavesurfing "SUP wavesurfing" 2H/3H 60€
 Half day trip with guide-instructor "Half SUP Trip" 3H 60€
 Day trip with guide-instructor and BBQ/picnic
 "SUP Day Trip + BBQ" Day 80 €

Stand Up Paddle rental:

All year long, from 10h to 17h depending on weather

 (Details see "stand up paddle" section)
SUP Rental full gear between 10H and 17H all year long
 1 h  SUP rental
 = 1 h morning or afternoon on kiteschool spot only
15 €
 2 h  SUP rental
 = 2 h morning or afternoon only on kiteschool spot 35 €
 3 h SUP rental
 = 3 h morning or afternoon 40 €
      1 day SUP rental
 = 1 day
60 €
      3 days SUP rental  = 3  consecutive days
150 €
          1 week SUP   = 7  consecutive days 200 €
  Rental Conditions:
  You will be asked a deposit in check or cash!!!
  Short time rental takes place in Bras d'Eau
  For long term rental, we can bring the SUP on other spots  with an extra charge of 15€ to 60€ including SUP "delivery" & "pick up"
  A BBQ (barbecue) can be arranged for you at the Ile aux Cerfs island for 10€/pers. (on reservation)
  Price includes:  SUP Board + Paddle + Shorty + Life jacket + Shoes
  Time:  Between 10h and 17h,everyday, all year long depending on weather